My First Time Using CBD to Manage Pain

We’ve all heard that aging does a number on the body. Up until this year, I listened to what people were telling me but didn’t take it too seriously when someone told me to cherish my young body’s ability to bounce back from injuries and aging.

I fall into the “elder-millennial” category and as I begin to approach my mid-thirties, let’s say that my body is changing. Grey hair(s), getting glasses, all of the typical signs that say – I’ve been on earth for a minute and here’s the Proof!

With those changes, I’ve experienced more aches and pains that don’t just go away with a little TLC. My typical body care plan had been doing the job for the last three years, but at the end of last year, I had a persistent issue that did not go away with the usual treatment. My wife recommended I try CBD to help throughout the day. I was open!

My typical pain management care plan

I’ve actively taken care of my body for the past five years but never had to factor pain management into the routine. When I say pain management, my pain is persistent, uncomfortable and at times sharp but not anywhere near the high levels of pain some folks have to deal with every day.

Every month I do the following treatments as body maintenance:

1.    90-minute Muscle Therapy Session – This isn’t what I would call fun, but this type of massage can be essential to loosen muscles and relieve pain.

2.    Chiropractic Adjustment – Your spine and spinal cord are the communication superhighway of the body. I believe regular adjustments help maintain your body functioning the way it should.

3.    A Day of Decompression - Giving yourself time to decompress from work and relationship issues is a must when dealing with pain. Decompressing is sometimes the hardest of the three for me to accomplish but it’s vital to my monthly care plan. I’m giving you (and me) permission to do nothing for a full Day!

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My experience with introducing CBD into my care plan

As a first time user, I didn’t know what to expect. Now as a daily CBD user, I couldn’t imagine not having CBD as a tool for pain management. When I first began taking CBD regularly, I tried different delivery methods and dosing types. From the first time I took CBD, I felt the effects – this is a consistent experience my body has with almost anything. As my wife says “I’m sensitive.” Give yourself some time to figure out what works for you. My method with trying each delivery type was to try it for two days before determining if it helped me and if I liked the way it made me feel.

Every day I take the following to assist with inflammation, tightness, soreness, and aches:

1.    Tincture – a 25mg dose of Bäre in the morning with Bullet Proof Coffee.

2.    Gummy - 1 Gummies RX 25mg gummy before bed.   

3.    Topical - Melt as needed. I usually apply in the morning and before bed. If I have a flare up, I will use it as needed during the day.

CBD is now my daily go-to for easing muscle tension. I even get my message therapist to use a CBD topical when I get massages.

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Bonus Factor for Stress and Anxiety

With the physical wear on our body, we cannot forget to factor in the effects of stress and anxiety. The past four months I’ve experienced a much higher than usual level of stress and I can feel that expressed in my body and mind. I carry all my tension in my neck and shoulders. To no surprise, at the moment I have a massive knot in my neck that is pulling all the neighboring muscles into its evil plan to wreak havoc on the right side of my upper body.

An added benefit for me is the ability that CBD has to help calm my mood in stressful environments and to alleviate some of my anxiety. Which in turn helps with muscle tension and my body’s physical expression of stress.

Would I recommend CBD to a friend? YES and YES

I tried CBD with low expectations and questions like “Does this work?” and “Will I be able to feel the effect?” My experience with CBD has given me less inflammation, less muscle tension and eased my anxiety. If you have never tried CBD for pain, it’s time to start. And to answer my two questions “Yes it works, and Yes I can feel the effect!”

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