Self Care for the Actor: How to stay calm in an Industry of chaos

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Dear Reader, I want to start by setting the record straight. Anyone who says that being an actor is nothing more than “sitting around and looking pretty”, isn’t an actor and probably doesn’t know one. ::Insert shrugging girl emoji here::

I want you to think about your all-time favorite hour-long television show. Did you know that production companies spend anywhere from seven to eleven days to shoot one episode? On these days actors might have up to sixteen hours of work. So, to create one season of your favorite drama which is a minimum of eighteen episodes, actors exert upwards of one thousand five hundred and twelve hours of physical and emotional work! Trust me, it’s exhausting.

Ok, I see you rolling your eyes, and I get it. As actors, we get to create what feels like magic for others to enjoy, but it can come at a price. I believe that my body is a vessel, chosen to portray both the world’s deepest pain and highest joys. I consider my body to be my instrument and I’ve worked years to finely tune it, pushing it to its limits.

Being an actor means being a hustler and feeling like you’re working more hours than the day holds. While the grind is necessary, it’s also important to remember that any instrument that isn’t taken care of will eventually stop working at its highest potential. That’s why I’m adamant about practicing self-care daily, even throughout my busier days of auditioning all across town, coaching actors and working on my many other projects.

My day usually starts with a cup of coffee. I prefer to make my own coffee in the morning with a French Press. The process helps me to slow down, and the smell of freshly ground coffee beans is delightfully energizing. Right before I add the boiling water to the carafe, I take the first step of my self-care journey by adding 2 droppers of Kush Queens CBD BÄRE Daily Wellness Tincture. Known for fighting inflammation and reducing stress, the BÄRE tincture is the perfect start to a long day. (Pro-Tip #1: Add a dash of cinnamon to your coffee beans before you brew it for a more smoky flavor!)

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Two auditions, one coaching session, and a Soul Cycle class later and I’m drained. My anxiety tries to get the better of me as I attempt to navigate LA’s notoriously bad traffic. My solution? Deciding that this is the perfect time to pop in a Kush Queen CBD Gummy or two. It gives me the calm I need and, if I’m being honest, the sugar fix I’m craving.

Finally home, I decided to end my day with some me time. My favorite way to relax is to create a home spa in my bathroom. I light the expensive candle that I save for these super long days, turn on my lo-fi hip hop playlist, and drop in my current favorite Spiced Chai CBD Bath Bomb from Kush Queen. (Pro-Tip #2: before you hop in the bathtub, light up a Kush Queen CBD Pre-Roll. Because if you’re gonna relax go for gold, am I right?)

But listen, you don’t have to be an actor to want to take care of your body. If Billy Shakespeare is right in saying that “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players”, then you, my friend, are also an artist! Take care of your instrument, love it and treat it well. Because well after all…you can’t return it!

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